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on Sunday, October 25, 2009
Sorry, its been a while. I've just been very busy with lots of stuff. So how were my days? Well the shows over and it was good. The cast party sucked and me and a couple friends ended up leaving early. I meet up with some old friends that graduated last year and thats all good and fun! We made plans to hang out and stuff.

I've come to realization that I dont need a boyfriend right now. I'm to busy to care and obviously Jake is too. So fuck him. Im over his ugly ass. Ok... he was soooo not ugly but still. I deserve to bash him for being a douche.

I'm going to try acting. The play's are student directed and only one act so it should just be fun and not overwhelming and crazy. Plus all the directors are my close friends. I'm also trying out with my cousin for the talent show which is cool. We are singing a song she wrote and she is playing guitar. Its a duet. =p So yes... I'll let you guys know how that all goes. Auditions for both are this week, monday and tuesday.

Today my mom was being such a bitch. First she did the whole gay reference thing. Ex. aunt:"what are you doing after high school" me:"im moving to san francisco" mom:"why cause thats where are the homo's are?" AGH!!! I hate when she does that. Remember I never officially came out to my parents but they still know cause once they asked and I was like "i got to go BYE!"

Then I was offered a job, a paying job that could have got me around $500. My mom decided that I didnt have time and then she referred her to someone else to do the same job. I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE AND SHE JUST SPOKE FOR ME LIKE I DIDNT MATTER!!!

agh. fuck this. I'm in a bad mood now. haha I've been listening to janedoe by nevershoutnever all day. its the cutest song ever. you can find it on his myspace page: http://myspace.com/nevershoutnever

I'll talk to you all later! How about some comments to make me feel better?? lol


Anonymous said...

John - Steady on - you're upset but you're not sounding all that realistic or compassionate or understanding.

I could hear you stamping your little foot in anger and sensed that if anyone had said another thing you'd either have socked them one or burst into tears - or both!

There's not point in being a rebel without a cause you know! If you want the independence to make your own decisions about a job and stuff then you've got to be honest and pretty cool with your Mum (and anyone else, come to that).

And if you want people to comment on your blog you might try visiting our blogs occasionally and commenting on what we write.

Octavius said...

Hey john,

Have read your blog from the start. I kinda have to agree with the last part of Micky's tirade there, if you want us to show interest then you need to do the same.

On the other, I certainly know how you feel. Your mum should have spoken to you about it first. But bear in mind, you are still a minor, so she is still responsible for you. That doesn't make what she did right, but please try to understand possibly why she did it.

Most parents seem like dicks when you are still young. It is not until you are older that you realise wht they were all about.

Courage and Honour!


Matt. said...

Meh. :P Uhm dw mums are like that mine makes comments like that to highlight the fact that i dodnt have a gf (lol she never knew when i had one:P) Shes probz just trying to get at you for some reason...

Cheer up and listen to rainbow veins by owl city :)


Helga Vonlunch-Box said...

LOL!!! You crack me up Boy...



John Doe said...

read my new post <33

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