My Weekend!

on Sunday, October 18, 2009
It was soooo busy. I had so much to do. As you all know Jake canceled on me friday but that didnt stop me from flirting with him non stop on Saturday at the music festival thing. I only got to spend an hour with him but that hour... was amazing lol I told him that I felt "something" and I asked him if I was the only one and he said no. He then went on to say we live to far away from each other and that he doesnt think its going to work. I told him he was wrong and that he only lives 30 min away and I have a car and that he is friends with a girl that goes to our school so why cant we work out. So he said he will try and I made him promise. I then told him (yes literally told him) that he needs to make up for friday and that he will ask me out on a date and he will pick when the date is cause the last two times I asked him he canceled. He told me I need to wait until after his show is over... which is like november 4th or something.

Oh yah... he is sooo cute!!!! I couldnt stop smiling and I felt like I knew him for years. We have soo much in common its crazy.

As for my friend, we are all good now. We kinda talked it over on myspace and then just let it go. We hung out for a bit at the festival and it was like nothing ever happened. I think that shows how good of friends we really are. How we can put things behind us and move on =p

I have school tomorrow so I need to get some rest. I had a really long weekend. Jake's texting me now so im going to go get ready for bed but I dont know if I'll actually get to sleeping haha


Anonymous said...

You're sounding just like you're in love, did you realise?

N we can all sympathise but school work kinda goes with the territory of being at school, er. But we all did it and, yeah, it does take up a fuck of a lot of time.

Helga Vonlunch-Box said...


Honey...You need to play hard to
get!...You need to let him chase you
for a while...Don't let him play you
like a piano...I've seen that happen with
a girl at school who wanted so bad
to be with this other girl and the
other one used her real bad...

I'd be upset if you got hurt...



John Doe said...

i cant be in love... i just meet him and... i mean... um... well im definitely falling for him haha

Helga... i am totally not going to let him play me like a piano... maybe a guitar but definitely not a piano!! haha jk but yah im going to make him want me. as my friend put it "he's going to realize how much he misses you and run back" haha

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