Stupid waistless day...

on Tuesday, October 20, 2009
The only good part of today was I got to stay home from school. Other then that I hated it. I didnt really do much today except for sleep and eat so there isn't really much I can write about.

Oh yah... I had rehearsal today and tomorrow is the opening night of the show. My parents wouldn't let me go to the LAST rehearsal because I missed school today. Which was stupid because the show is tomorrow and now i will never get to have a part in a show because I look irresponsible.

I wish I could get the hell out of here sometimes. Just run really far away for a year or two and forget everything. I think im going to take a year off and "find myself" after high school. Maybe move to san francisco and work at a gay club as a bar tender. Something random and fun haha

Stay with me here:
- I graduate and move to san fran.
-Make it about a gay 18 year old living in a gay neighborhood not knowing anyone or anything at all.
-I wouldn't need to be anonymous. So i would post video's and pics and stuff.
-Then put ad's up and make it my source of income.

How cool would that be!?!?! Well i still have 8 months to go and right now its only a dream. but still!! How could would that be!?!?! haha


Matt. said...

Haha i know exactly what you mean about just doing nothig when youre at home ill. And my parents do the same thing to me : if youre too ill to go to school, youre too ill to do anything you want. :/ And yeah, sometimes i think about what it would be like just to let go, come out and live openly somewhere, but then i remember that it would only be fun for a while and then youd end up poor etc... dunno.


John Doe said...

haha. i know this sounds weird but sometimes i rather be poor and live in some small apartment with like 3 people and be happy then be stuck unhappy with a crappy job. plus. it would only be for a year. so not that bad. lol

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