Obama on Gay Rights, Milk, & More!

on Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Sorry. I know his speech was cute and all but really! Did you hear what he was saying?? Its a bullshit speech that he didnt even write. Yah we all know that there are gay kids that have a hard time coming out. I was one of them. So what. Tell me what you are going to do to change that Mr. President! How about instead of giving me your opinion and prediction on how "one day" when he will have a easier time you actually tell me why and how that day will come.

Harvey Milk officially has a day of remembrance in california. He is really a hero to me. He opened up my eyes and showed me that if you want to be heard you really need to believe in yourself. That you dont have to be perfect to be a leader. He is someone that definitely deserves a day.

I made a decision, im not talking to Jake about the truth box. There will be other dances and im not worried about it. Im excited for friday!! Im getting a facial and getting my brows waked thursday if the lady isnt booked. My parents said that they are still thinking about letting me go friday cause its so far and late. Its like 10:30 but its 30min away from where I live. They will most likely let me go.

I wrote a song on my brothers ukulele. Well kinda. It has a chorus and a bridge and 1 verse lol. So its almost done. Its cute and inspired byt Jake. Awe. He's so cute! He makes me smile randomly.

I still havnt done any of my homework and I still need to do a project. Ill do it soon.

Should I get an msn messenger thing?? everyone is talking about it on their blogs! If I got one would you talk to me?? lol


Octavius said...

Of course I would. The time difference would suck though. Besides I am sure, there would be several guys out there who would love to chat.


Mr. HCI said...

Messenger is pretty darn popular, so it certainly couldn't hurt. I've got an acct but I'm not on all that much (at work during the day and usually spending time with my Phil afterward).

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