Jake The Douche.

on Thursday, October 15, 2009
The fucker (excuse my language) canceled on our date. Our first date. The good news is that he is coming to the same place im going to be at Saturday so ill see him around. He said he feels really bad about canceling. I'm kinda flirting with him and being mean at the same time. lol there is a big word for that but I cant remember it. lol

So I have no plans for tomorrow. I mean I know I'll end up going out somewhere, I just done know where or when or with who lol. It's one of those Friday's. OMG TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!! Its about fucking time! lol.

I chewed out Jake G. (the annoying sophomore) in front of the whole cast of the play we are doing. Literally in front. It was right after they got notes so they were all sitting on the stage listening to me rant about how he fucked up one of the mic's. If you know about mics then you know that when a actor messes them up you get pissed. This one was $2,000!! So I had every right to chew him out. People hugged me after too. They were like "Omg that was amazing!" Like I said. Everyone hates the kid. He's annoying.

My body is about to give out so I'm going to go watch some tv i recorded and pass out.


(p.s. whats the easiest/best way to see page views and stuff)


Matt. said...

Awww man sorry about the date. I know how it feels when a guys always got something else -.- But chin up, dont show him youre upset, its not like hes irreplacable right? :P At least try to make it seem that way haha. xxx

Anonymous said...

You need some serious sleep!

John Doe said...

Matt... well do! my chin is up haha

Micky... Im trying haha

F@M3 xx said...

OMG! hey. im a new follower of yours :)
and haha amazing blog entry!
now you totally lessoned me on how to deal with Douche bags!
haha.... your loyal follower.

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