Why Is He So Perfect?!?!?!

on Monday, October 5, 2009
He being Jake. We spent all night last night texting each other while we were both watching desperate housewives haha =p He also posted a status on facebook that I guessed was to me. It was something about how im 2 sided that I'm funny, cute, nice and then on the other side I dont want anything from him. So I made it VERY obvious that I did want more then just a texting buddy.

I kinda touched on this already in my last post but I invited him to see a improve show and he said he "might actually be able to go." thanks hun haha. We are going with a few other people so it wont end up being awkward.

So 3 days till I go on the trip. =p I'm so excited. I get to share a room with 3 other guys. I know 2 of them. One is a senior and is a total tool and then other is a sophomore which has a big ego and is turning into a tool. Both of them know im gay so whatever. The sophomore (his name is jake also) is really fun to make fun of so im going to make sure he feels extra awkward lol

Another honesty box comment guys! (actually i got 2 today but lets talk about this one for today) This one is from a girl:

You are not really gay. You just cannot get a girl, so you call yourself "Gay." When in fact, you are not able to find yourself a guy either.
Yah. Ummm no. First I have girls all over my ass (not to sound conceded or anything but its true). Second I was actually texting Jake (the guy that im interested in and likes me) at the time. Third if she actually knows me then she would know that I like boys, I dont hide it at school at all. Im not even ugly, in fact I get told daily that im attractive. One girl (that is pretty popular) put me on her top 10 hottest guys list at our school (there are over 2,000 guys at our school).

So that kinda set me off a little but I quickly got over it. I really want to know who that girl is though. Just so I could straight up laugh in her face.

Well I'll talk to you all tomorrow!!


Matt. said...

Lol youre very honest :P Uhm yeah but id still watch it, my guy dissapeared after like 5 whole days of texting non-stop so :P Enjoy it but dont get attached too much :P And as for what the girl said, i sometimes wonder if its like that with me as well?


John Doe said...

haha thanks matt. =p

Mr. HCI said...

The ability or inability to obtain a bf/gf doesn't have a damn thing to do with sexual orientation. I've been told plenty of times over the years, always by guys however, that I'm just gay 'cause no woman would go out with me or sleep with me. People are fucking idiots.

John Doe said...

Mr HCI yes, people are fucking idiots!

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