Fist Time's, My Day, And Other Stuff!

on Friday, October 2, 2009
How's Everyone Doing?!?! Leave me a cmnt let me know! (yes i care!!)

Anyways... Me and jake are good but this post will be about other stuff. =p So lets talk about first times. Mine sucked. It was a huge mistake. I was sexually frustrated and just had sex with this guy that was like in love with me. Big mistake because first I dislike the kid. He's cool for the first hour but then he starts getting really annoying. I making him seem like a loser. He's not. I'm just really really picky with guys. haha So we drove out to the middle of no-wear and did it. Stupid mistake right? Yes. It didn't mean anything at all. I didnt enjoy it the way I thought I would. He still till this day thinks that there is a change between us, and there IS NO WAY that will ever happen.

My day was ok. I woke up late cause I as watching tv all night. So I was super tired all day. My classes went and passed. Government was funny as always. I swear there are some really really stupid people in this world. Nevada now has domestic partnerships... including gay couples. =p yay for gay rights!!

I was so tired that I ended up just passing out on the couch after I came home. I was going to go get food with a few friends but like i said i passed out. So this friday night sucks. Tomorrow a bunch of friends are coming over to watch a movie. So hopefuly that will change the mood. Jake turns 17 tomorrow =p Even thought we are both seniors im still like almost a year older then him. That also means that when I turn 18 if we have sex its illegal! haha So he better hurry up. lol

Opps... I just talked about jake. Sorry. I cant help it. haha

So tell me about your first time. Was it good or did it suck like mine? haha


cvn70 said...


Hey im doing ok today and as far as a first itme it just hasnt happened i have been closeted all my life

glad things are going well, take carea nd be safe


Matt. said...

Hey, uhm sucks about the first time, and if theres one thing im happy about is that after all those stupid things i havent met up with a random guy and done it. Still saving mine, who knows maybe itll pay off :) But at least u got it over and done with right?

Hmmm birthday sex? :P And do both people have to be 18 in America? That sucks. Here its 16:D


John Doe said...

Well age of consent is 18. So if his mom found out she could argue that he was to young to give consent and send me to jail for sleeping as a minor even if he says that he wanted to have sex with me.

Yah i wish I would have just saved it for someone special but oh well lol

Mr. HCI said...

Age of consent varies from state-to-state. You mentioned Nevada, so if that's where you live, you have to keep it in your pants 'til Jake is 18, if you wan't to keep it legal. According to state law, the age of consent in Nevada is 16. BUT, that's only with someone of the opposite sex.

NRS 201.195 Solicitation of minor to engage in acts constituting crime against nature; penalties.

1. A person who incites, entices or solicits a minor to engage in acts which constitute the infamous crime against nature:

(a) If the minor actually engaged in such acts as a result and:

(2) The minor was 14 years of age or older, is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life with the possibility of parole, with eligibility for parole beginning when a minimum of 5 years has been served.

2. As used in this section, the “infamous crime against nature” means anal intercourse, cunnilingus or fellatio between natural persons of the same sex. Any sexual penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the infamous crime against nature.

That's direct from Nevada's website. So, since you're both 17, if you were caught and prosecuted, you'd be sentenced life in prison. If Jake was short for Jaqueline, though, you could've legally started fucking like bunnies a year ago.

Fair, huh? WTF!

As for first times, I think it is best to wait until you are with someone you truly love. It's too late to undone what's been done, but life is about learning lessons and growing from them. In other words, you made a mistake. Don't beat yourself up over it; just make sure you don't do it again 'til you're with the right person, who you love.

I've said it on plenty of other blogs and my own but I think it can never be said enough:

Sex without love is just getting your rocks off.
Sex with love is magic.

John Doe said...

Mr. HCI HOLLY SHIT! I did not know that! So I can not legally have sex with someone of the same sex until im 18 (if i live in Nevada!)... wtf.

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