Oh The Internet...

on Sunday, October 4, 2009
I love it, but sometimes I want to just shot the person that invented it. Let me explain. Jake sent me an "anonymous" comment on my "honesty box" on facebook. See! You see that right there. You see how dumb I sound? Words can not describe how lame I feel for even writing that down into a sentence. Lets continue... this is what he wrote:

i know this isnt part of the question, but i like you but im not sure where i want this to go! so... i guess we will just find out
What the fuck does that mean?!?! Let me start from the beginning. When you have an honesty box you get to ask a question. So thats why he said it isnt part of the question. I also sent him one a while ago saying that I wanted to get to know him better and that I thought he was attractive. I know it was him because he changed his question right at the same time and it was from a guy. I dont have any other gay friends on facebook that were online at the time he sent it.

I invited him to see a show in two weeks. Im going with 2 other couples so maybe he will get the drift that I DO know where I want this to go lol.


Matt. said...

Lol id be happy if a guy i fancied wrote that to me tbh... Hes basically saying he likes you but hes not sure what to do about it, so hes probably scared of what others will think/ whether orr not he wants a relationship or just to have fun without one. I wouldn't worry too much :) Oh but make triples sure it was him if u wanna ask him stuff about it lol


Crocodile said...

Actually that's a very positive message he has send you. I suppose he is just scared. Remind yourself that you want a _gay_ relationship. That's a big step. So give him time. Don't push him, though, because that would only increase the pressure and push him away. Do some fun stuff together. For example go for a hike together which allows you to spend some time alone with him. He'll probably be more relaxed if no one can see the two of you.

cvn70 said...


It clearly sounds like he is interested

take care and be safe


John Doe said...

your guy's advice is amazing. NONE of my straight friends (and i asked tons of them) gave me any advice that compared to what you guys said, so thanks! =p


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