on Monday, October 19, 2009
I dont know why but all of a sudden today I got like this huge pain in my chest and I felt like throwing up and then I got really sick. So I told my mom to come get me out of school and I went to the doctor. The doctor was a total tool and didnt even listen to me before he was like "just drink lots of fluids." I was so mad. In my head: "Really??!?! I drove all the way over here so you could make sure i didnt have anything serious like swine flu or something cause my chest hurts and you just sit here and ignore what I have to say!!" Anyway... he gave me a pass for today and tomorrow off school but told me to miss 2-3 days. I guess he's just as good at math as he is at being a doctor. douche...

Anyways... Jake texts me like every night and because I want him to chase after me I tend to end the conversations really quickly. Also, he does this thing where if I dont text him back (which i tend to do just cause im busy sometimes) he will text me again and be like "soo what are you up to know mister" or something cute like that. Which makes me feel wanted lol

Last night he texted me and told me the picture i posted on facebook was really cute and i should default it. Which i already had done because he "liked" it (its a feature) on facebook. It was cute lol

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cvn70 said...


Hope you feel better soon and drink those fluids :) And this picture it sounds nice

take care and be safe


Matt. said...

mhm happy for u that things r working out :) xx

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